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Roku Rolls Out New Features with Roku OS 7.6

Unveils ‘More Ways to Watch,' new functionality for OTA viewing, customization options and more

Tuesday, April 11, 2017 6:00 am PDT

LOS GATOS, Calif. – April 11, 2017  Roku Inc. today announced new features coming to the platform with the roll out of Roku OS 7.6, the latest version of its operating system for Roku® devices. Designed to make it easier to find and watch great content, these new features give consumers more viewing and customization options and fine tune the TV watching experience.

Roku increased the number of content partners in Roku search to 300+ top streaming channels. Consumers can search a movie, TV show, actor or director and the Roku OS will display where content is available and serve results in order of price; starting with what is free or lowest cost for the user.

New Roku OS 7.6 Features Include:

More Ways to Watch for Roku TVs (U.S. only) – This feature provides an enhanced viewing experience based on what you watch through cable or satellite boxes, or broadcast antennas, connected to your HD or Full HD (FHD) Roku TVTM. Viewers will be required to enable the feature by checking an opt-in prompt on their Roku TV the first time they select the Antenna TV or cable/satellite set-top box input after set up or once the feature is available on the TV. This feature can be enabled or disabled anytime in Roku TV Settings. More Ways to Watch recognizes the show or movie watched through cable or satellite boxes or antenna using Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology and suggests additional viewing options via streaming. Additional viewing options may include the ability to watch from the beginning, watch more episodes of the same show and/or view suggestions for similar entertainment available to stream. This is rolling out to in market HD and FHD Roku TVs now, and new 2017 4K Roku TV models. The 2016 4K Roku TV models will receive the update this summer.

New Ways to Enjoy OTA Broadcasts: 

  • In some regions of the U.S. people have access to over 100 channels via an OTA antenna but they may only watch a handful of them. Viewers can now create a list of their favorite broadcast channels when they have a broadcast antenna connected to their Roku TV. When using the Live TV Pause feature on a Roku TV, viewers can now see thumbnail images displayed on the screen while pausing, rewinding, or fast forwarding to make it easier to identify where they are in the movie or show and resume playing at the moment they want to watch. In addition, Live TV Pause now supports a Closed Caption on Replay feature. When this option is turned on, viewers can use the replay button on their Roku TV remote to go back a few moments in the movie or show they’re watching to view closed captions for dialog they may have missed. 
  • Customize the home-screen with Custom Input Naming for Roku TV: In an effort to give Roku TV customers even more ways to customize their experience, they now have the ability to assign custom names to their inputs icons.
  • Faster resume from standby for some Roku TV models – HD Roku TV models will now resume from standby mode a few seconds faster than before the Roku OS 7.6 update so you can get to the entertainment you love more quickly.

One of the great benefits to owning a Roku device is that current-generation models (after May 2011) receive Roku OS updates. Roku OS 7.6 will roll out in the coming weeks and is expected to be complete by the end of June.

About Roku Inc.
Roku pioneered streaming for the TV and aspires to power every TV in the world. As of March 2017, the Roku OS powered TV streaming for 14+ million monthly active accounts. Roku is known for streaming innovation and high customer engagement, offering content providers and video advertisers the best way to reach streaming audiences. Roku customers streamed 9+ billion hours of video and music in 2016. Roku streaming players and Roku TV models are available in 10 countries through direct retail sales and licensing arrangements with TV OEMs and service operators. The company was founded by Anthony Wood, inventor of the DVR. Roku is privately held and headquartered in Los Gatos, Calif. U.S.A.

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